JV BAYAN AGRO HOLDING Ltd. Joint Venture — launched the implementation of the Well-being Village (Molshylyk Aul) innovative investment project from the beginning of 2021, for this, experienced, highly professional specialists from Belarus were invited to the project as consultants.

JV BAYAN AGRO HOLDING Ltd. Joint Venture Private Company, registered in the AIFC jurisdiction. AIFC (International Financial Center «Astana») — means the territory in the city of Nur-Sultan («Astana»), determined by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where the special legal regime in the financial sector, established by the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On the International Financial Center «Astana» is applied. The AIFC is a unique center on the economic map of the world, allowing enterprises and financial institutions to enter the markets of Eurasia, providing a friendly ecosystem, ensuring independent regulation with the provision of tax incentives and preferences in the form of a free currency regime, protecting investments, expanding opportunities for long-term economic growth, opening up new horizons for companies, countries and citizens on the way to prosperity…

The concept of the «Eco-healthy meat and dairy processing complex “Well-being Village (Molshylyk Aul)» innovative investment project includes a full technological cycle (in the form of a cluster), consists of a dairy farm, a processing plant, a meat processing plant, a public and tourist area, farmer’s market. Sales of finished products in the territory of the Russian Federation will be carried out by Village Well-being LLC, sales in the Estonian and European markets will be carried out by the AGRO INVEST HOLDING OU Estonian Company.


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    Koyandy rural area,

    Tselinograd district,

    Akmola region

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    +7 705 136 25 99

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Инвестируйте в прибыльное производство «Эко-оздоровительный мясо-молочный перерабатывающий комплекс» и зарабатывайте от 87 500 тг ежемесячно.

Условия займа № 1:

  • - входной порог от 3 000 000 до 15 000 000 тг
  • - доходность 35% годовых
  • - срок возврата 6 месяцев
  • - выплаты % ежемесячно
  • - тело займа на 6 месяцев

Условия займа № 2:

  • - входной порог от 15 000 000 тг
  • - доходность 45% годовых
  • - срок возврата 12 месяцев
  • - выплаты % ежемесячно
  • - тело займа на 12 месяцев
  • - Гарантируем 100% возврат инвестиций юридически (договор займа)
  • - Оформление у нотариуса документально
  • - Абсолютно без рисков, т.к. имеется действующий бизнес (, производство уже функционирует и может себе позволить такие обязательства.
+7 705 188-98-58 - исполнительный директор Искаков Абай Серикович