Our curative and prophylactic products strengthen the immune system and are suggested as a specialized nutrition for people suffering from diabetes. One of the components of curative and prophylactic products is pectin. Pectin is a polysaccharide (complex chemical compound) that some plants contain, especially apples, beets, carrots. The pectin is often called the nurse of the body. It is able to absorb toxins and harmful substances, binds heavy metals, eliminates out of the body ions of mercury, copper, iron, lead, anabolics, metabolic products, bile acids, urea, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants that enter our body during life from the environment. The Company also uses raspberry in its developments. Raspberry contain vitamins and microelements, it do not lose healing properties even with high heat treatment and therefore are used in our patented technologies. Serbia is number one in Europe for growing raspberry. Gathering, freezing and delivery of raw materials for production in Kazakhstan is planned with the DOO «PROPREVIT» Serbian Company.

For the implementation of the Well-being Village (Molshylyk Aul) Project, JV BAYAN AGRO HOLDING Ltd. purchased a land plot of 68 hectares in the village of Koyandy — 10 km from the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city (see more detailed information). This is the place where there is an ecologically clean area, always fresh air that is blown from all sides, a well with artesian water, will be built «Eco-healthy meat and dairy processing complex “Well-being Village (Molshylyk Aul)». The Complex will make a strong social and economic effect, as the project will integrate blockchain technology for transparency of tracking chains from all stages of production to sales markets. This will allow the consumer to scan the QR code on the package to receive detailed information about the farm, pasture coordinates, diet, veterinary certificates, date and packaging process. Well-being Village aims to become the world standard in the field of blockchain technology in agriculture in the future, and that is why our goal in the first stages of the project is to create a competitive domestic enterprise with high export potential. Well-being Village will be one of the first agricultural clusters of its kind in the region. Cargo accounting, quality control, a cloud-based document management system, drone and smart neckstrap control, automated business processes, smart contracts and movement tracking with IoT sensors, coupled with high-quality export-oriented, competitive food products, will provide the Enterprise with a worthy place on the world stage. The Project will involve over 26 subcontractors for construction and installation work, over 773 permanent jobs will be created, the average salary will be over 900 Euro, and there will be an increase in tax payments to the budget.


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    Koyandy rural area,

    Tselinograd district,

    Akmola region

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    +7 705 136 25 99

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Инвестируйте в прибыльное производство «Эко-оздоровительный мясо-молочный перерабатывающий комплекс» и зарабатывайте от 87 500 тг ежемесячно.

Условия займа № 1:

  • - входной порог от 3 000 000 до 15 000 000 тг
  • - доходность 35% годовых
  • - срок возврата 6 месяцев
  • - выплаты % ежемесячно
  • - тело займа на 6 месяцев

Условия займа № 2:

  • - входной порог от 15 000 000 тг
  • - доходность 45% годовых
  • - срок возврата 12 месяцев
  • - выплаты % ежемесячно
  • - тело займа на 12 месяцев
  • - Гарантируем 100% возврат инвестиций юридически (договор займа)
  • - Оформление у нотариуса документально
  • - Абсолютно без рисков, т.к. имеется действующий бизнес (, производство уже функционирует и может себе позволить такие обязательства.
+7 705 188-98-58 - исполнительный директор Искаков Абай Серикович